Shoe inserts, shoelaces and accessories for all types of footwear


Shoe inserts

We are a shoe inserts and shoe laces factory in Monterrey, Leon Guanajuato and Mexico City, we make shoe inserts for all types of footwear, dedicated to the comfort and care of the foot.


We are also wholesalers of shoelaces for any type of tennis and shoes as well as all kinds of accessories that require their use.

Foot Care Products

We manufacture shoe gel inserts, spour care insoles as well as accessories for lady’s shoes and protectors that adhere to the footwear and also take care of your skin and improve comfort.

Our products.

We manufacture and sell more than 300 articles with a very wide variety among which stand out shoe inserts for care of the spur, shoe inserts for sports, shoe gel inserts, shoe memory foam inserts  as well as shoes antibacterial inserts and many more. We also have quality laces and a lot of colors, measures and styles.


Our memory foam insole is made under strict quality measures ensuring excellent comfort and rest for your feet.


The next customers and brands trust in our products and have done so for years.


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